Storage units in the autumn season

Self Storage During the Fall

Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever, and there comes a time when the sound of lawn mowers is replaced with the sound of crunchy leaves and high school marching bands. When fall arrives with cooler temperatures, a lot of your summer equipment becomes idle for the following months and throughout winter.

Since so many of our belongings become less utilized in the fall, many people take this time of year to clean out their summer items and put them away. But if you’re struggling to find enough room for things like lawn mowers, gardening tools, summer clothes, and more, you may be in need of an additional closet or room. That’s where many people turn to self storage as a space solution.

Instead of cramming everything into tight spaces and limiting the amount of storage in your home, you can store summer items that won’t be used for next few months well out of the way in a storage unit.

What seasonal items do people store in the fall?

People use self storage for storing seasonal items all the time. When the temperature starts to drop as summer gives way to fall, there are many items that are put away until warm weather returns again in the spring. Instead of loading up closets and your garage with these items, get them completely out of the way by using self storage. Here are some items that many people place into storage during the fall:

  • Lawnmower
  • Weed whacker
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Gardening tools
  • Summer clothing
  • Patio furniture
  • Pool accessories
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Watersport vehicles

What storage unit size do you need?

Once you’ve decided that renting a storage unit will help you stay organized, you’ll need to figure out what size of unit you will need. Take some time to plan out everything you want to store and go from there. Here’s a quick guide to point you in the right direction:

  • Small Units (5x5, 5x10): A smaller storage unit has plenty of room for the most common summer items placed in storage. These units have enough space for your lawn mower, several garden tools, and boxes of summer clothing with room to spare.
  • Medium Units (10x10, 10x15): Medium-sized storage units are great for those who have a bit more to put away during the fall. These units have enough space for active equipment, like a motorcycle, canoe, and kayak along with space for your lawn mower and even some patio furniture.
  • Large Units (10x20, 10x30): The largest storage units that most facilities offer are as big as a single-stall garage and can hold plenty of belongings. These are great if you’re storing a vehicle, fishing boat, or jet skis during the fall and will likely have space remaining for other belongings mentioned above.

Storage features to consider

Another important variable you’ll need to consider is what kinds of amenities your storage unit should come with. Not all storage is built the same these days, as many storage facilities offer special features that improve the overall experience of self storage. Some of these features are designed to improve the safety of storing valuables in a storage unit and can be helpful for fall storage.

  • Drive-Up Access: Renting a drive-up access unit is a must when storing any sort of vehicle. It also makes it easy to store your lawn mower and other heavy items.
  • Climate Control: Climate control isn’t only helpful in the summer. These storage units also prevent your belongings from getting damaged by freezing temperatures, which is particularly harmful for small engines.
  • Security: When storing small vehicles and other valuable items in the fall, you’ll want to be certain they’re well-protected in the storage unit. Many storage facilities offer advanced security measures like video surveillance and alarmed units to give you peace of mind.

Other things to keep in mind

  • After the peak season of storage in the summer, be on the lookout for special offers in late summer and early fall for your new storage unit.
  • Use shelves to keep boxes of clothing off the ground and keep your storage unit organized.