A storage facility during the summer

Self Storage During the Summer

Every year when summer rolls around, people tend to become more active than they were during the winter months. The beautiful weather motivates many people to clean up their homes and also has a large impact on the real estate market.

Whether you’re doing some annual cleaning and want to create more space at home, or you’re in the process of moving to a new home, additional space could really come in handy.

Self storage can be the perfect solution for those looking to reclaim a closet or spare room at home and is ideal for holding all of your belongings while moving between homes. The convenience of renting a storage unit makes summer storage a popular option for many people every year.

What seasonal items do people store in the summer?

One of the main reasons people rely on self storage during the summer is for storing seasonal items that won’t be in use until winter comes back around. Rather than keeping all of these things at home where they take up valuable space, you can place them out of the way in a storage unit. Some of the common items people store in the summer include:

  • Winter clothing
  • Snow blowers
  • Shovels
  • Holiday decorations
  • Snowmobile
  • Tailgating equipment
  • Household belongings during a move
  • College dorm belongings

What storage unit size do you need?

Once you’ve decided to rent a storage unit for summer storage, the first thing you need to figure out is what storage unit size you’ll need. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of needs. Determine what you plan to store and figure out the size from there. Here’s a handy guide to get you started.

  • Small Units (5x5, 5x10): Smaller storage units are great for storing seasonal clothing and décor that doesn’t take up a lot of room. These units can also easily hold one or two larger items like a snow blower.
  • Medium Units (10x10, 10x15): Medium-sized storage units are excellent for storing college dorm belongings during summer break. They’re large enough to store several pieces of furniture, boxes, and a mattress set.
  • Large Units (10x20, 10x30): The largest storage units available are about the size of a standard garage, so they have plenty of storage space. This makes them ideal for storing motorized seasonal vehicles like snowmobiles and ATVs.

Storage features to consider

Another factor you’ll need to consider before renting a storage unit is what kinds of features you want your storage unit to come with. Storage features are created to improve the storage experience and help keep particular items safe for long periods of time. Here are some features you may want to consider during summer storage.

  • Drive-Up Access:With drive-up access, you’ll be able to easily gain entry to your storage unit for quick runs to drop off winter items and grab things you didn’t think you’d need. Drive-up access also allows you to easily store vehicles by giving you the option to drive them straight in.
  • Climate Control: For most of the country, climate control during the summer months is a must. Sensitive items like clothing, wooden furniture, electronics, and more can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity. Climate-controlled storage protects your belongings from that.
  • Security: In order to protect your valuables in storage, look for a storage facility that offers advanced security features like video surveillance and alarmed units. These great security features will give you peace of mind.

Other things to consider for summer storage

  • Summer is peak storage season, and storage facilities can fill up quickly. In order to ensure that you get a storage unit, you may want to rent one before the summer rush kicks in.
  • With increased demand, storage prices often rise during the summer as well. Another reason to rent your storage unit before the summer rush is to lock in low prices from the winter or spring.